Your KCG Team

KCG helps you plan and invest for the impact you desire; for you personally, your family, select charities, or global causes.  Your impact can be a legacy for and influence on many generations to come!

KCG delivers on an exceptional value proposition, providing meaningful guidance and concierge wealth management services that include practical financial planning and goals-based investment strategies.

Our modern, real-world solutions are based upon collaborative, attainable targets over time, and our implementation process leverages both technical and human resources.

KCG's offices are equipped with the technology necessary to provide sophisticated planning, security, and compliance. Registered in Georgia, South Carolina, and Michigan, KCG currently serves satisfied Clients in 12 states and Costa Rica.   Senior Advisor, Kimberly Good, and KCG have established, synergistic relationships with legal, accounting, trust administration, life care advocacy, and specialized investment professionals who are always available to assist in the implementation of your plan.  We can work with your current advisors to expand your existing team or help to fill any advisory needs at your discretion.  

Kimberly is a thirty-year veteran of the financial services industry, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and an accomplished Certified Investment Management Analyst(CIMA).  She earned CIMA credentials through The Wharton School Aresty Institute of Executive Education and The Investment and Wealth Institute.  Kimberly has expertise in the development of personalized financial plans; in particular, the implementation of those plans including investment management.  Kimberly has experience as a Trust Officer, has advanced certifications within the Life Insurance Industry, and was a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor for boutique investment advisory firms before beginning KCG in 2009. In those roles, she has managed as much as $200 million in assets at any given time, providing Wealth Management and Advice for Individuals and Retirement Plans.

Client Support Specialist, Christina Martinez-Harrison supervises office staff, managing the delivery of superior, personalized service for each valued Clients.  Christina has an impressive work history including Registered Broker, Sales Consultant, Advisory Consultant, and Systems Administrator.  She sets a pleasant, friendly mood for the office and is a talented problem-solver.

We believe that it is our responsibility to positively influence all with whom we come into contact, through service, and by example.  As our Clients prosper, we prosper, our families and friends prosper, and in turn, our community prospers!